About Us

As a patent holder Hugin Kassaregister AB is Europe's leading cash register manufacturer. Since its inception in 1928 in Sweden, Hugin has been on the forefront of retail technology, regarded as the 'Volvo'​ of retail due to its very reliable and robust product range.

After a restructing in 1986, Hugin Kassaregister AB ceased its operations and transferred its assets to its various subsidiaries and distributors in Europe.

Hugin Retail Solutions has proudly carried the HUGIN flag into the 21st century and is continuing to raise the bar in modern retail technology today. Hugin serves local and foreign markets in a wide range of point of sales equipment and accessories including basic electronic cash registers, fiscal systems, network connected sales terminals, receipt printers, cash drawers, and data terminals.

The Coolest Cooler CoolVino

The design story of CoolVino began with the frustration of having to struggle to drink wine at a decent temperature. Even in retaurants, wine out of an ıce bucket is poured into a glass exposed to a warm environment. Many of us experienced waiters pouring wine on the remaining warmed up wine, ruining the pleasure. That is hard to prevent.Who wants to drink warm wine on a hot summer day, or worse add ice to it? You can use CoolVino for any drink , on the boat, in the garden, at the picnic, in a summer house, on the balcony of your home.

CoolVino is used with crunched ice or filling the reservoir with water and freezing it.CoolVino comes with a stylish glass which is located in the box.CoolVino will keep your drink cool for a long time and it will not wet the table or your hand because of “no condensation” achieved with a special isolation technique.
CoolVino, is designed to be easy to use. It will enhance the trend of stemless wine and other types of glasses. It is available from the exclusive sales points and online site.

CoolVino is a Hugin Product