Glass examples that are a perfect fit

Many high quality glass producers like Riedl have stemless wine glasses.

Stems were invented to prevent your hand from warming the wine. Defensive !!
Coolvino cools the wine. Progressive !!

Restaurants need to buy new classical wine glasses every few months as they usually break from the stems. Stemless ones last much longer.

Riedl: Reidel-/o-wine-tumbler/viognier-chardonnay-041400005
Pasabahce: “Pure Tumblers by Nude Design” stemless wine glasses. Nude pure Series (64090 nude mold).
And many others

Keep Drinks Cool

Coolvino reduces the Unpleasant “dilution” effect and maintaining the flavor of your drink.

CoolVino will enhance particularly the enjoyment of your beer, white wine, rosé and whiskey.

Ideal for many special cocktails like Moscow Mule, Whiskey sour etc. as there is no condensation and doesn’t feel cold.

No condensation and the hand doesn’t feel the cold

CoolVino, ideal to use In warm environments

Many of us disliked the taste of warm drinks particularly wine and even feel forced to add ice. Particularly during the summer…This not only ruins the wine but is also a disrespect to the grower who takes pains to please us with his product.

Any drinks like white wine, rosé, beer, coke, cocktails will be cooled . 

Ice origins are dubious. instead of drinking water with ice you can drink cool water without ice, healthier.

CoolVino (not the glass) is solid, not breakable. Will last for many years.
CoolVino presents no sanitary hazards as it is used with an ordinary glass.

How to use